I am now retired as a Professional Photographer due to continued ill health.

I have always been interested in photography and during my varied career I always had a camera with me whether to record the conditions of buildings I was inspecting, or simply for pleasure. I was fortunate that my career encompassed computing and consequently when the digital age came to being, I was in the right place at the right time to begin a short career as a professional photographer.

During my time I met some truly amazing and interesting clients and fellow professionals both in front and behind the lens, no more so than people, who inspired, trained and spurred me on. Therefore I would like to publicly thank Mr Mark Cleghorn who is not just a truly amazing photographer and trainer but a genuinely nice guy.

Unfortunately my health deteriorated further and I am no longer able to sustain a life as a professional and my passion has reverted back to where it started as a great hobby. Unfortunately I suffer from several autoimmune conditions which leave me open to infections.

My passions are Landscape and Aviation Photography both of which have Albums featured on this website and on Flickr.



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Sometimes you have to accept the pain!

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